BC “Rytas” revealed the new logo inspired by various symbols of the city of Vilnius

2018 08 13 11:51

This summer BC “Rytas” changed the name of the club and know revealed the new logo. From now on the new visual will guide “Rytas” to new victories and glorify it’s name around the world.

Every detail while creating the new logo of “Rytas” means something to the people of Vilnius and Lithuania.

We can clearly see the hints of the legend of Vilnius with the mighty Iron Wolf, the crown of the Lithuania’s capital which is the Gediminas’ castle, a basketball which symbolizes unity to all the Lithuanian people and of course, The Columns of Gediminas that unite all the country.

All these symbols were blended together in a round form which is trending among current and modern designs. For the creation of the new logo the club reached out to design agency “Critical” and the heraldry expert Arvydas Kazdailis for guidance.

“The logo is memorable and all the details blend together perfectly”, said A.Kazdailis.

“The goal was to make the new logo look strong, majestic and current.  That’s why the details of the Iron Wolf are sharp and strict. The font used in the logo creates a sense of tradition and a rich past.”, said Paulius Budrikis who is a part of the “Critical” team.

“One of the rulers of Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Vilnius founder Gediminas was determined that the name “Vilnius” should be known around the world. His determination is hidden in the legend of “Iron Wolf”. The logo of BC “Rytas” reminds that his will and determination will always stay alive and can never be broken. I believe that rebranded “Rytas” club will turn that will and passion into wins which will continue spreading the name of Lithuania’s capital around the globe”, stated the mayor of Vilnius Remigijus Šimašius.

Source: bcvilnius.lt