A.Butkevicius provided valuable advice to the participants of the "One Team" project

2018 02 08 12:25
P.Žukausko photo

A surprise was waiting for the participants of the "One Team" project at "Lietuvos rytas" arena. The young sports enthusiasts met Vilnius club basketball player Arnas Butkevicius.

Injured player told teens about his rigorous agenda, the start of a career and the chosen athlete's path.

"I started to attend training sessions in Klaipeda, then I went to Vilnius and played in "Sakalai" team. The ideal of my childhood was NBA player Vince Carter, because I always liked his dunks", said A. Butkevicius. When I become a professional, I always wanted to choose shirt marked with the 15th number, but it always was occupied. Then I decided to choose the 51st number that I sticked in."

According to A.Butkevicius, when dreaming to become a professional basketball player in adolescence, you always have to have a backup option.

"I would say that studies can not be neglected. A very small percentage of the sports school players later become a professional players, so you must have alternatives", said Lietuvos rytas player.

Later "One Team" participants invited A.Butkevicius to compete for throws with one hand.

Project manager Armin Vareika thanked the athlete for valuable tips given to "One Team" project participants, while the basketball player called for the their support to Vilnius team during the upcoming EuroCup game.

Source: bcvilnius.lt