The "B Tribune" is the official ultra sector of the "Rytas" team, which creates organized support.

Support is based on melodious songs and chants. At Jeep arena we are located in A sector. Our main rule is to stand up and support the team as loudly as possible. Sometimes visual support is enhanced by various attributes (sheets, flags, confetti, etc.), occasionally we use pyrotechnic implements.

The "B Tribune" was founded in December 8, 1998, and has been counting for the 24th year of existence. The "B Tribune" organizes support in all matches in Lithuania, both at home and away. Also, as far as possible, we try to travel after the club in European matches.

In every game, we are very welcome newbies who want to join us. It just needs to come to the sector and support the team together. Not everyone who arrives at the tribune immediately becomes ultra. It's possible to be a simple team fan and to support a loved team in our style, and it's very fun to keep it together. Come and see!

To find out more, you can contact us at "Facebook" or visit our website www.btribuna.lt